A whistle-stop tour of EarlyBird's main features and how it focuses on the two big challenges of using Twitter professionally - who or what to follow, and how to manage the fast moving stream of Tweets.

Live Feed Screen

The Live Feed screen is packed with features to help you manage the Tweets coming in. Organise your sources into folders, get desktop-popups for priority Tweets, view recent activity counts, filter for unread tweets, set spam filters, save tweets for later or even forward them to colleagues.

Suggested List

You can follow any Twitter account, or any search term, but to get you started we've compiled a list of some 2500 financial Twitter accounts, company $HashTags and more. What's more we've categorised these by market, sector, region, media - filter the list for your specialisation and get started right away. While you're there, check out the recommended Twitter lists from Wall Street Journal and others.

Who to Follow

In this tutorial we cover EarlyBird's powerful Twitter search capabilities to find Twitter Accounts, check out who they follow and build your network. If you're following companies or commodities we give you great tips like following "Glencore", "$GLEN" or "#Glencore" to get the best results, and using a combination of $AAPL and our powerful antispam to reduce the Apple stream from hundreds of Tweets a minute down to just a few top stories an hour.