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We're going to walk you through the main features of EarlyBird in just ten slides. We won't cover it all, but we'll show you how Twitter is transforming the way financial news moves, and how EarlyBird is simply the best way to get it.

As soon as you have your EarlyBird licence you'll receive an email with the link to run EarlyBird in a browser, desktop or mobile. Once you've logged in you'll get to a Tweets page like this one.

Of course when you first start, the Tweets page is empty - it's waiting for you to say who you want to follow.

If you know who you want to follow, type their @TwitterHandle in the search box.

Otherwise, click the "Run QuickStart Now" button to access the setup wizard and get some suggestions.

You can revisit the setup wizard at any point via the Settings menu

With a little help from your friends...

We've clicked the Show Lists button, and chosen "Team List". This is where you and your immediate colleagues can share recommended accounts to follow.

Click Follow against some of your team's suggestions and you'll pull in their Tweets straight away.

If there are no team suggestions, why not be first! On the My List page just click "Add to Team" to add accounts to the Team List.

Teams are usually configured by Compliance so you can only share with your immediate colleagues, and not across Chinese walls.

More suggested accounts

Getting value from Twitter is all about who you follow. So we've put together thousands of professional, well respected accounts from the world of finance. You'll find them categorised by sector, market, government, politics. Of course with EarlyBird you can follow anyone on Twitter, but our suggested lists are a great place to start.

To access our suggested lists, click the Lists button in the EarlyBird header and then the Suggested tab inside the left hand control panel. Then it’s just a case of ticking the accounts you want to follow from our list.

So we've shown you how to find and follow individuals. But what if you want to see all the Tweets relating to a company, no matter who sends them? That's where SmartTracks come in...

SmartTrack curated searches

You can get all the relevant Tweets for a company by choosing its SmartTrack search.

The Tweets come from many sources, and are curated so you get the good ones, not the spam. Later we'll show you how to order these by relevance, not just the latest first.

How do SmartTracks work?

When you are tracking a company you'll want to see Tweets from a number of sources:

  • Tweets with the company name, in various forms
  • Major brand names - iPhone etc for Apple
  • Tweets with the ticker, as a #tag or $tag ("cashtags" eg $AAPL were invented so readers could easily identify the company, but the best Tweets rarely have them)
  • Tweets from the company execs - they often break news and sometimes Tweet stuff they shouldn't
  • Tweets from blog accounts focused on that company

The trouble is, for the major equities this generates a LOT of Tweets. So we filter them for you.

We look at who the Tweet is from, who's retweeting it, and what the content looks like - does it look like a financial story, or just a consumer having a moan about his new iPhone? And of course, we have company-specific anti-spam tools so you don't get too many apple pie recipes.

Our systems have become very good at spotting the real news and cutting out the rubbish - and they're getting better all the time. We give you a focused stream of Tweets about that company so you can be sure you're getting the emerging gossip as well as the breaking news.

Live Tweets page

The next big challenge with getting value from Twitter is seeing the Tweets that matter.

With the Twitter website, or even tools like TweetDeck, it's all about "being in the moment" - they expect you to watch it constantly or you'll miss what's happening.

EarlyBird does things differently. We know you've got eight screens and two phones, but only six pairs of eyes. So we bring the important news to you.

Organise your accounts and searches in folders of your choice. Click a folder or account to zoom in on the Tweets you want to see.

Mark the most important accounts as "Priority" and, if you’ve got Warbler installed, you'll get a desktop popup whenever these priority accounts Tweet.

We also highlight the "Hot Tweets" that are causing the biggest stir on Twitter - you can filter for just these, or again receive a desktop popup whenever one of your followed accounts' Tweets is about to "go viral".

Search within your Tweets to see what your trusted sources are saying about a subject.

Use the Quick Tweet Menu to save a Tweet for later, forward to a colleague or quickly filter for just that account.

These tools transform your ability to extract valuable information from Twitter.

Get organised

Organise your sources into folders however you choose, just right-click the folder or account for plenty of options. You can move Twitter accounts into existing or new folders and also prioritise them too.

When you're reviewing Tweets you don't want to be re-reading the ones you saw half an hour ago. So when you zoom into an account EarlyBird assumes you've read those Tweets, and they will be shown dimmed. It makes it easy to see the new ones.

By knowing what you've read, the Activity Filter can show you at a glance the accounts with Tweets you haven't yet seen.

Who said Tweets were only 140 characters?

Everyone knows about financial news breaking on Twitter, but it's also home to rich professional analysis, emerging stories and informed opinion.

Most financial journalists, economists and bloggers use Twitter to alert the world to articles on their websites. As soon as the article is posted, the Tweet goes out. If you're not staying abreast of what they're saying, it's much harder to react when news breaks.

You can't read everything or follow every link, and many will not be relevant. But some will give you the background info and gossip you need to set you above the crowd.

EarlyBird helps by giving you an instant summary of every linked web page, so you can review it, at a glance, without waiting for the ads to load.

The only question is, do you want to be first to know, or do you want to wait a few hours until the story is doing the rounds?

SmartTrack curated Tweet alerts

We looked earlier at how easy it was to follow company news using SmartTracks.

We're following cashtags, hashtags, company names, C-level execs, industry blogs and more to pull in the news on each company – it generates far more than you could wade through.

The Tweets with multiple cashtags are often ads for services or automated broker ratings. We cut most of those out – big stories rarely use them.

We score the Tweets by sender reputation, by engagement (who's favouriting or retweeting, and how fast), and by content. That's right, we read the Tweets. Our systems can tell which are genuine news stories that you'll want to read.

We then combine all those scores with some clever AI, chuck out the ads and the other rubbish, and bring you the good stuff.

You can choose whether to see these in time order, or organise them by relevance. You can even review the top stories you missed over recent days.

You don't have to use SmartTracks. EarlyBird let's you set up keyword searches including reputation thresholds, account exclusions and more to bring in all the Tweets you want and reject most of the spam. But no amount of keyword tuning comes close to the power we're achieving with SmartTrack's combination of reputation, engagement and lexical analysis.

Tip: Read more about our SmartTracks here.

Rumours abound!

We're often asked whether Twitter genuinely brings relevant stories that traders can act on.

At the time we were putting these screenshots together, news broke of an Apple supplier letting slip detailed information on Apple's plan for glass casing on future iPhone models. This news gave weight to rumours of a "special anniversary" iPhone.

We picked up both the original Tweet from a specialist Apple blog site, and later Business Insider's analysis of what it meant.

The specialist blog didn't get much attention - just one retweet. But we rate them highly so it made it into our SmartTrack list. The Business Insider Tweet rapidly got retweeted, way above the typical "retweet velocity" for that account. So within 90 seconds our systems could see that this was about to become hot news, and as well as showing it in the Apple SmartTrack we raised it up as a Hot Tweet.

Which meant our users ACTUALLY SAW THE TWEET.

When did you hear about this? Before the share price reacted, or the next day when everyone started talking about it.

Forget work-life balance!

The news doesn't stop when you're traveling, whether that's on business or simply during your morning commute.

Catch up on what's new, and save important Tweets for further attention when you get to work. EarlyBird's mobile app lets you review recent Tweets anywhere.

EarlyBird's mobile Twitter app runs on Android and IOS, it also offers the full power of the desktop / browser version and the same read-only protection.

And because EarlyBird is read-only, there's no risk of Tweeting out from your phone – spare a thought for the San Francisco Fed employee who Tweeted from the Bank's official account when he thought he was using his own!

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Twitter is how news is propagated today, whether that's emerging rumours, professional analysis from the world's leading economists, or breaking news that you can act on.

If you're not getting the news direct from Twitter, you're getting it second hand.

EarlyBird is simply the best way to extract financial news from Twitter for the professional trader or analyst.

It's a no brainer. Start your free trial now and let us show you what you're missing.