How to run EarlyBird

EarlyBird Twitter on Symphony

EarlyBird is fully integrated with Symphony, including the TwitterBot. You'll find the EarlyBird Twitter app in your apps menu in the Symphony sidebar.

If EarlyBird Twitter is not visible and isn't in your Symphony Market, let us know or alert your Symphony admin.

All Symphony users can activate an instant 3-week free trial.

EarlyBird Web

Run EarlyBird in any web browser on any device.

Run EarlyBird for Web / Mobile

EarlyBird runs in any browser on any device including Windows, IOS and Android.

Contact EarlyBird today to start your 3-week free trial.

EarlyBird Warbler

The Warbler TaskTray app shows your most important Tweets as popups wherever you want them, even if EarlyBird isn't running.

Install EarlyBird Warbler How to get your Warbler login PIN

The button above will install the Earlybird Warbler task tray app. No admin rights required (Windows Only).

MSI file for group policy install: Group Policy MSI

EarlyBird Mobile

Find "EarlyBird Safe Smart Twitter for Finance" on your mobile

You'll need a full or trial licence for EarlyBird on your desktop or Symphony first, then log into the mobile with your email and PIN

Symphony TwitterBot Connector

To create a TwitterBot (CUSTOMER-NAME) fully-interactive TwitterBot on your Symphony pod, download the TwitterBot Connector for Windows or Linux

TwitterBot Connector Installation Files (password protected zip file)

This is an Enterprise-Level installation, you will need Symphony administrator rights and technical support. Please contact EarlyBird for guidance.

EarlyBird in OpenFin

Run EarlyBird Web in an OpenFin desktop window. Keeps EarlyBird sized how you want it while links open in your browser.

Run EarlyBird Desktop Install OpenFin wrapper if needed

To run EarlyBird at startup : WindowsKey+R, run "shell:start", then copy the shortcut from the desktop to the Startup menu folder

Many banks and funds are already using OpenFin to wrap web-apps like EarlyBird in a secure window. No admin rights required. Click for Troubleshooting tips and more info on OpenFin