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EarlyBird IT / Data Security FAQs

Yes, you should maintain your existing firewall to prevent users accessing directly.

EarlyBird users do not require any direct access to Twitter.

Yes. EarlyBird just uses standard port 443 HTTPS to connect to  or . There are no ports to open.

In its simplest form EarlyBird runs in a browser, so there's no installation.

There's no connection to from inside your network, so you can and should leave blocked to prevent possible market abuse.

There are no on-premise server components to install.

More complex, richer installations are possible including single-signon, Symphony integration, and a desktop popup manager. But in it's basic form, EarlyBird will run "out of the box".

NB we don't actually supply a box.

The main EarlyBird client is a web based HTML5 application that runs in any browser.

We have optional components including The Warbler which is a .net task-tray app, and OpenFin / Symphony integrations. In both cases these simply wrap the same HTML5 web app.


EarlyBird is a cloud service running on Microsoft Azure.

We use a licensed commercial data feed from Twitter.

Each user has client application which communicates only with our cloud service, ie no communication with Twitter.

When the user "follows" Twitter account on the app, we start tracking that Twitter account on our data feed (if we aren't already). As Tweets are received on the feed they are stored in our system and distributed to each of our users that have chosen to follow that account.

There is an admin / compliance portal. Admin staff can use this to assign licences to end-users, while your compliance colleagues can monitor use and review all Tweets delivered to any individual.

There are three licensing options:

  • Small funds and brokers can purchase an entry level package covering up to ten users, full compliance features, mobile use and optional Symphony / Openfin integration.
  • Larger outfits typically choose a per-user licensing model
  • We are also now providing bespoke enterprise arrangements to the largest sell-side firms where all users get full access for a special price.

There is a free version of EarlyBird on Symphony. This is provided to firms who have licensed the premium version for selected users, but need all their users to be able to open Tweets shared internally or externally via Symphony. 

In all cases the cost includes Twitter content licence fees.


OpenFin is an independent application used by many major banks and funds to wrap HTML5 apps in a desktop window. It provides a window-like wrapper round the EarlyBird app for a much richer professional experience.

We call this combination "EarlyBird Desktop".

OpenFin is sometimes blocked, or else locked to a specific internal version.

Try running the "Install OpenFin if needed" link on the EarlyBird Run page (top right).

You can find more information about configuration and troubleshooting here.

If you still encounter problems, please contact us for assistance.

The EarlyBird-Symphony integration supports single-sign-on by having Symphony transfer the user's email address to the EarlyBird client via Symphony's partner authentication system. 

You don't need to set up anything technical. All you need to do is to authorise this transfer of email address from Symphony to EarlyBird. Please contact us and we'll provide the appropriate authorisation form for you to complete.

This is the recommended solution for production roll-outs. Without this, the user must enter their email address on first use, and validate it with a one-time code sent to that email account.

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