How to open EarlyBird

Been given your username and password? Great! Here are the two ways to run EarlyBird.

Posted on 4/3/2017 2:13:22 PM EarlyBird News

Getting started with EarlyBird

Follow our advice to get flying with EarlyBird within minutes.

Posted on 2/17/2017 1:10:37 PM EarlyBird News

The EarlyBird dashboard

A tour of the EarlyBird dashboard to get you familiar with the main buttons and features.

Posted on 4/3/2017 2:22:14 PM EarlyBird News

How to access SmartTracks

Our AI-curated Twitter searches bring you the most important financial news for the equities and topics you’re following on Twitter.

Posted on 4/4/2017 11:19:13 AM EarlyBird News

How to access Suggested Lists

New to Twitter and unsure what to start following? EarlyBird contains over 2,500 relevant Twitter accounts – categorised by financial sector, market, region and more – to help you get started.

Posted on 4/4/2017 11:39:50 AM EarlyBird News

How to see Hot Tweets

See instantly the Tweets that are going viral from the accounts you're following on Twitter.

Posted on 4/3/2017 3:56:33 PM EarlyBird News

How to organise Twitter accounts into folders

Finding it difficult to keep track of all the accounts you're following on Twitter? Why not group them into folders.

Posted on 4/3/2017 2:38:03 PM EarlyBird News

How to save and share Tweets with other team members

See an important Tweet but can't act on it straight away? Save it for later reading, or share it with other members of your team.

Posted on 4/3/2017 3:15:54 PM EarlyBird News

How to use the Tweet Curation Slider

Our SmartTracks are fitted with a slider so you can control the level of curation – with quality filtering based on influence, financial relevance and content analysis – you receive.

Posted on 4/4/2017 10:38:30 AM EarlyBird News

How to turn on/off Tweet translation

For selected SmartTracks, EarlyBird offers auto-translation so you can react to Tweets from anywhere in the world.

Posted on 4/4/2017 10:05:43 AM EarlyBird News

Installing and using the EarlyBird Warbler

Maximise space on your trading screens with the EarlyBird Warbler - it sends you Tweets via pop-ups even if EarlyBird isn't running.

Posted on 1/30/2017 12:18:07 PM EarlyBird News

Managing what team members follow on Twitter using User Searches

User Searches lets admins quickly see and manage what their teams follow on Twitter.

Posted on 3/20/2017 2:48:25 PM Twitter Compliance

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