Symphony users can now track Covid-19 Tweets with Auto-Translation

EarlyBird, the Twitter app in Symphony, has released a set of new Covid19 financial SmartTracks for countries, commodities and financial sectors. These track emerging news on Twitter including from multiple language sources, often way ahead of traditional news. 

To follow Covid19 SmartTracks in Symphony:

  • Launch EarlyBird Twitter from the Symphony Market
  • Click the SmartTracks blue "Lightning" icon (top right)

  • Expand the Covid19 folder and click the checkbox for the SmartTracks you need

EarlyBird's Covid19 Twitter SmartTracks currently include:

  • Covid19 Belgium
  • Covid19 Canada
  • Covid19 China
  • Covid19 France
  • Covid19 Germany
  • Covid19 Italy
  • Covid19 Japan
  • Covid19 Netherlands
  • Covid19 Sweden
  • Covid19 UK
  • Covid19 US
  • Covid19 Travel Sector
  • Covid19 Energy Sector
  • Covid19 Retail Sector
  • Covid19 Tech Sector
  • Covid19 Finance Sector


Auto-Translate any Twitter Account or Financial Search

As well as translating individual tweets, you can also now specify auto-translation for any Twitter Account, or any of EarlyBird’s AI-assisted SmartTrack searches. Once enabled, Tweets will be translated as they are received from Twitter, and displayed in English. The Tweet will also be shown in English in any desktop-popup, the Tweet Bot in Symphony, emails or notifications on the secure EarlyBird mobile Twitter app.

Build your own Covid-19 SmartTracks

Symphony users can build their own specialist SmartTracks to track any breaking news on Twitter including specific sectors, companies or countries. These can be followed with individually set curation, or injected directly into shared Symphony chatrooms using the EarlyBird Tweet Bot.

Contact the EarlyBird team at to learn more about Twitter in Symphony.






Posted on 4/7/2020 9:30:02 AMEarlyBird News