Enhanced Real-Time translation for financial Tweets

In response to customer demand for breaking country-specific news, EarlyBird have launched more flexible translation capabilities with immediate effect.

Translate Any Tweet

Any non-English Tweet can be instantly translated just by clicking the TRANSLATE button on the Tweet


Click TRANSLATED to view the Tweet in the original language.

Auto-Translate any Twitter Account or Financial Search

As well as translating individual tweets, You can also now specify auto-translation for any Twitter Account, or any of EarlyBird’s AI-assisted SmartTrack searches. Once enabled, Tweets will be translated as they are received from Twitter, and displayed in English. The Tweet will also be shown in English in any desktop-popup, emails or mobile notifications.

To enable auto-translation:

  • Follow the TwitterUser or SmartTrack
  • Select that TwitterUser from the navigation bar.
  • Toggle the TRANSLATE:ON/OFF button at the top of the screen.

When you switch on AutoTranslate, about 40 of the most recent Tweets will be translated and displayed in English. You can translate more tweets simply by clicking TRANSLATE against the Tweet.

What's New With Translation

Previously we limited auto-translation to key political figures, adding new Twitter Accounts to the translate list on request from customers. Now, you can specify which Twitter Accounts to auto-translate, and even which SmartTracks. And, any Tweet can be translated retrospectively by clicking TRANSLATE against that Tweet.

Multi Language

EarlyBird will translation Tweets from any language, but at present we are only translating into English. Translation into any language is in our medium term pipeline for EarlyBird. If this is crucial for you, let us know and we can look at bringing this forward.




Posted on 4/2/2020 9:39:39 PMEarlyBird News