EarlyBird tracks emerging financial impact of Covid19 with country and sector-specific Twitter SmartTracks

As Coronavirus takes hold, never before have markets moved so quickly across all sectors. Companies are responding rapidly, with many stories of store and factory closures breaking first on Twitter.

But how do you track financial news when there are currently THOUSANDS OF TWEETS PER SECOND carrying Covid19 hashtags?

EarlyBird has released a set of new Covid19 financial SmartTracks for countries, commodities and financial sectors to track emerging news on Twitter ahead of traditional news sources.

To follow Covid19 SmartTracks in EarlyBird:

  • Click the SmartTracks blue "Lightning" icon (top right)

  • Expand the Covid19 folder and click the checkbox for the SmartTracks you need

EarlyBird's Covid19 Twitter SmartTracks currently include:

  • Covid19 Belgium
  • Covid19 Canada
  • Covid19 China
  • Covid19 France
  • Covid19 Germany
  • Covid19 Italy
  • Covid19 Japan
  • Covid19 Netherlands
  • Covid19 Sweden
  • Covid19 UK
  • Covid19 US
  • Covid19 Travel Sector
  • Covid19 Energy Sector
  • Covid19 Retail Sector
  • Covid19 Tech Sector
  • Covid19 Finance Sector

EarlyBird Twitter SmartTracks focus in on financially relevant information from verified sources, with you setting the relevance threshold to control quality vs volume.

We're adding and refining SmartTracks each day as the coronavirus crisis unfolds but remember, you can set up your own powerful searches for any financial event or asset class - just click Build SmartTracks in the SmartTracks selector screen.

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Posted on 3/25/2020 12:07:10 PMEarlyBird News