EarlyBird to be available in Finsemble Ecosystem

You may not have heard about Finsemble yet, but I’m sure you soon will. Finsemble is an integration platform targeted at banks that enables them to build their own terminal experience from scratch, with all the user capabilities and inter-app functions that you’d get with a proprietary desktop suite or trading terminal.

Most trading firms use a trading desktop from one of the major market data vendors (I’m sure you know who I mean). These integrate market data, news, curated social media, charting, messaging, trading, pricing, blotter and other applications to deliver an integrated desktop.

However, the disadvantage is that all a firm’s trading eggs are in one basket – so they’re unable to integrate many of the independent best-of-breed applications that are available all of which are likely to be much better than those offered in the integrated desktop. In addition, many firms are paying the full monthly fee for a desktop just so some of their staff can get access to the messaging or social media. Although this suits many firms, others find it costly and it limits their flexibility.

The team at ChartIQ decided it was time to disrupt the market and return the choice of apps to the firm and the desk. This initiative is called Finsemble – and EarlyBird is enthusiastically participating as a Finsemble Ecosystem partner.

Finsemble provides a desktop integration platform with production-ready, customizable technology that allows any number of disparate applications to sync, link, and communicate with one another, and which are easily controlled through a unified desktop experience..  The styling can easily be modified to make it unique to that firm, while the apps not only look good docking together - and remembering their screen locations - but also share a set of common APIs which means Finsemble achieves a similar level of integration to the all-in-one desktop applications, just with the applications that best suit the firm’s business.

In Market Earlybird’s integration in Finsemble, users are able to drag a Tweet containing a Cashtag ($VOD for example) from EarlyBird into the ChartIQ app, and it’ll automatically chart the price for that stock. Or drag the same Tweet onto your messaging app and send it to a colleague. The disparate apps sync, link, and communicate with one another thanks to Finsemble and are easily controlled through a unified desktop experience.

Financial firms will no longer be locked into a single provider – they’ll be able to choose the best app for each particular market or data activity – whether they built it themselves or license it from a third-party, it’s easy to integrate any app  simply by launching them in Finsemble and docking them together.

We’ve found the implementation of EarlyBird in Finsemble very straightforward – the state machine enables us to store and restore size and location data for multiple windows very easily, and the drag-and-drop API is clean, easy to use and works reliably.

EarlyBird delivers financially relevant Tweets in a fully regulatory-compliant app. It’s available stand-alone in a browser, or a browser-based local app. However we recognise that most of our clients would rather deliver EarlyBird as part of a FinTech platform – which is one of the reasons our Symphony integration is so popular. We believe Finsemble is exactly the kind of financial platform that many of our clients are looking for, and many are likely to adopt, so we’re delighted to announce our participation in this visionary initiative, and we’ll do all we can to help make it successful.

You can view the joint ChartIQ/Market EarlyBird press release here, and you can view a short video demo of some of the functionality that Finsemble adds to EarlyBird (video: 6m47s, Finsemble demo starts at 4:28)


Posted on 9/19/2018 7:47:35 AMEarlyBird News