Tweet of the Week: 04/09 - 10/09 | FXStreet

With little over a week to go until Germany votes for its next Chancellor (the federal elections take place on 24 Sept), financial professionals will become increasingly interested in any data or insight about how the vote might go. Whatever the outcome, the result is sure to have an impact on the EUR. The real question is how big an impact? 

This week’s Tweet of the Week comes from forex news site, FXStreet, who posted a Tweet last week about a recent GMS poll that shows support for Merkel’s Conservatives is slipping (down to 38%), while that for the SPD stays firm: 

While these stats are interesting on their own, FXStreet has gone one better and has offered up its opinion on what each of the different victory scenarios might bring were we to see either a strong or marginal win for Angela Merkel, or a victory for the SPD leader, Martin Schulz. 

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Honourable Mention 

We’ve seen Trump tweet about businesses, and the impact this has had on stock prices, but it now seems Hilary Clinton is doing it too. Last week, Clinton posted a Tweet of endorsement for a new startup called Verrit, a political media website setup by Peter Daou, the man who led the digital part of Clinton’s 2008 political campaign.

The Tweet sparked several 'what is Verrit?' articles, as well as some interesting internet memes that we’re far too polite to share here. 

Posted on 9/13/2017 1:46:11 PMEarlyBird News