Can Trump build a wall around his Twitter feed?

You may not have noticed, but there’s an unusual court case taking place in the United States. Several high-profile Twitter users, including a police officer and a surgeon, are suing President Donald Trump for blocking them from receiving his Twitter feed. 

The full story is covered in a recent edition of the Economist, but the court is being asked to determine whether Twitter is being used to carry “official statements by the President of the United States”. If it is, it’s a public forum and POTUS denying any individuals access appears to constitute a breach of the First Amendment.

Sean Spicer, the former press secretary to the White House, confirmed while he was in office that it does indeed carry such statements.

Those who’ve been blocked are unable to view or search Tweets from @realdonaldtrump while they’re using their own Twitter accounts, so they have to find another way of viewing those Tweets. They are claiming this is a breach of their rights.

Of course, this is a “storm in a teacup” as we Brits might say. But there’s a wider point. Twitter is approved by the SEC for corporate announcements – but if a company decides to block individual investors, analysts or financial traders from its Twitter feed then they wouldn’t receive appropriate and timely announcements.

Unless they’re using Market EarlyBird of course. 

Market EarlyBird takes a full data feed from Twitter on to our own server, and then our users subscribe to that, following whoever they want. They don’t need a Twitter account, so can’t be blocked. That’s just one advantage of using the read-only, anonymous, financially compliant Twitter client from Market EarlyBird.

Posted on 8/31/2017 2:49:31 PMEarlyBird News