Who’s Who – The Ultimate Online Financial Twitter Library!

These days, effective use of social media is essential for financial professionals looking to better understand what’s moving financial markets and protect their investments. 

With Twitter beating the news wires by up to 12 minutes, and now a place where politicians, company CEOs, asset managers and equity analysts wax valuable daily, if you’re not on the social network then you really are missing out. 

Those new Twitter though can often find themselves overwhelmed by the millions of users posting thousands of Tweets every second. Therefore, trying to build up a list of reputable Twitter sources from scratch can be very difficult, not to mention time consuming too. 

You’ll need to invest in researching who to follow and finding out who the most influential fintweeters are, then there’s the problem of how you manage your sources – segmenting Follows in a way that helps you get the most out of them.  

EarlyBird’s AI-powered curation tools can help financial professionals tame Twitter and sift the nuggets from the noise, but what about help with building up that valuable Follow list? Well, we’ve just launched a new area on our website to provide just that. 

A Who’s Who of Influential FinTweeters 

You can follow anyone on Twitter with EarlyBird, but if you’re looking for ideas and suggestions then the Who’s Who page is the perfect place to start. 

It’s essentially an index of who’s who in financial Twitter. Regularly curated by our team, it contains a growing library of over 4000 financially relevant Twitter accounts, all sorted by market, asset class, topic and business sector. 

Looking to gain an edge in the FX market? Visit the Who’s Who FX folder to see a full list of FX-related Twitter users that you can start following at the click of a button. 

As well as individual Twitter accounts, the page also offers a large selection of Twitter Collections, ranging from UK political media, right through to Brexit. 

Grouping accounts by topics and placing them into single lists, these collections are a great way to create a valuable Twitter feed in seconds.

But that’s not all, Who’s Who also lets you manage, move and save your Follows into different folders. Segment your UK politicians, UK media, FX and equity accounts for effortless management of your Twitter news feed in EarlyBird.   

When can I have access?

Who's Who is available NOW. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact us at help@marketearlybird.com or call +44 20 7100 4489. You can also find links below to the release notes and user guide for Who's Who.    

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