Maximise space on trading screens with the EarlyBird Warbler

With vital market and financial news filling up every square inch of trading screens, we know that screen real estate can be a problem. 

That's why we've created some ways for EarlyBird to take up minimal space on your screen. 

Install the EarlyBird Warbler 

Warbler is a plug-in for EarlyBird that sits neatly in your task-tray, sending you Tweets via handy popups on your chosen screen, even when EarlyBird is closed.   

See a Tweet popup that's interesting? Just click on it to open the full EarlyBird dashboard.

You can set which Tweets you want Warbler to send you (perhaps you only want to see those from your Priority accounts?) and can pause, re-position or revisit popups at any time. 

For more information about Warbler, read our guide below:

Run EarlyBird Desktop

For quick and occasional use, the EarlyBird website app is great, but if your screen is quickly filling up with browser tabs then you may prefer the desktop version. 

EarlyBird Desktop runs in its own window from a desktop shortcut, and lets you resize the app window to suit your screen layout.

It also runs in a security-safe window from OpenFin, and in most banks installs without needing help from admins. 

You can install the EarlyBird Warbler or desktop version in seconds from our website:

Posted on 2/17/2017 10:39:50 AMEarlyBird News