Track Trump's first days in office with our $TRUMP SmartTrack

Here at Market EarlyBird, we like to think we have our feathers on the pulse when it comes to helping you see market-moving Tweets. And Trump's first days as president could be, well, "unpresidented". So to tie-in with Donald Trump’s inauguration today, we’ve created a brand new $TRUMP SmartTrack. 

We've noticed that a number of his new appointments have been setting up Twitter accounts for the first time, whether that's to try and keep up with Donald or to push out their own news is yet to be seen. So we've pulled all their accounts into EarlyBird, including Trump's new @POTUS Twitter account, immediate cabinet, advisors and family.

To follow all Trump-related accounts and relevance-filtered Trump news in one go, just add the $TRUMP SmartTrack to your dashboard: 

Or to pick and choose the accounts you follow, visit the Trump or Trump-Cabinet folders in our suggested lists:

HOT TIP : In addition to the SmartTrack, follow @RealDonaldTrump directly with Notify-Me turned on to get instant email and desktop notifications when he sends potentially market-moving Tweets.

If you're accessing EarlyBird through our desktop app, the $TRUMP SmartTrack can be activated from inside the dashboard. If you have any questions or would like any assistance with setting this up, please get touch with us at:

We’ll be setting up SmartTracks for major political and financial news events as well as equities so you can get the Tweets that matter. SmartTracks bring relevance-filtered news without the clutter, ads or spam. 

If you’re not yet an EarlyBird adopter but are considering signing up, you might be interested to learn that we are currently offering full, free access to the service for the first month of Trump’s presidency.

To take advantage of this offer, click the following link for your instant free account:

Posted on 1/20/2017 3:23:12 PMEarlyBird News