A Guide for Traders and Analysts

A Guide for Traders and Analysts

What is EarlyBird?

EarlyBird is the recorded, read-only, professional financial-services tool for Twitter. EarlyBird enables traders and analysts to monitor Twitter feeds while satisfying compliance and IT data security requirements. It prevents outgoing tweets, blocks direct messages, and prevents competitors seeing which accounts you are following. Twitter’s fast-moving time-based tweet stream was not designed for financial services, and traders given access to the Twitter website or even integrated solutions like Bloomberg typically get little value from it. The reason is simple. If they’re not watching Twitter all day they miss the good stuff.

EarlyBird is different. We uniquely recognise that there are two types of information – the time-critical breaking news that Twitter is famous for, and the rich source of contextual information published by journalists and increasingly by professional analysts. We give the user the power to tame this stream with categories, priority accounts, activity heat-maps, popup-alerts, anti-spam filtering and team-sharing facilities. This means the user can have time-critical tweets pop-up on the desktop, while the rich contextual information is categorised, prioritised, and held for review when he is ready.

Crucially, we bring the best parts of the Twitter experience to the desktop, including “who-follows-who” facilities, together with a rich list of suggested accounts categorised by market and sector as a starting point. We enable the user to develop a unique set of sources which will give them a competitive edge, bringing them information that is both faster and richer than that available to their counterparts.

What value can you get from Twitter?

Fast Breaking News - $2.4M Profit From A Tweet

A Wall Street trader responded within one minute of this tweet to buy 300,000 call options on Altera’s shares when they were $34.76. Twenty eight minutes later the price had soared to $44.39 as the news of the buy-out talks spread through traditional routes. The trader profited $2.4M.  

Rich Financial Analysis

Important though the fast breaking news is, at least as valuable is the background analysis. As Katie Martin writes in the Wall Street Journal: 

"Once simply a swirling pot of news, on-the-fly analysis, ridiculous market rumours and general snark, the social media site is now home to some of the fastest sophisticated analysis available on the web. If you know where to look, there are some very solid accounts owned by banks, investment firms and research houses tweeting out some of the same research on markets and economics as they email to their clients."

EarlyBird - Features

Designed for the trade floor – EarlyBird takes minimal screen space, typically a thin vertical strip, and doesn’t need to be visible all the time.

You’re in control – You decide what to follow – individual accounts, $TICKERs, rich keyword searches. Develop your sources by seeing who follows who, who gets retweeted, who has most influence.

Breaking news on your desktop – You define what’s time-critical. Tweets that match your criteria will pop up on the desktop like an Outlook alert, and be held in a Priority list for instant access.

See what’s happening at a glance – The heat-map shows which of your sources have recent activity. Drill down with a single click and automatically mark those tweets as read so you don’t need to wade through them again.

Anti-spam built in – When you follow a $cashtag we’ll pre-filter the spam accounts based on their Klout Score, follow count and obvious spam triggers. Then you can mute accounts that frequently tweet but are not of interest. What’s left is a focused stream of valuable information.

Categorise your sources – Organise your sources into categories - pharmaceuticals, company announcements, US news, whatever works for you. With one click you filter the stream and heat-map for that category.

Who should you follow? – We get you started with a categorised list of more than 2500 relevant accounts, categorised by financial sector, market, region and more. We will work with you to set up a relevant mix of accounts for your speciality, and show you how to develop your sources to gain a competitive edge.

Share with your team – When you find a valuable source, or a critical Tweet, share it instantly with your team through TweetSentry or email. EarlyBird understands Chinese walls and ensures that you don’t leak information outside of your team.

Guard your secrets – EarlyBird doesn’t use Twitter accounts so everything stays confidential. Nobody outside can see your unique set of sources, and unlike Twitter, nobody can see when you save (“favourite”) a Tweet.

Email digest – Set up an automated daily email with the most important Tweets from the accounts you choose, so you can be sure you don’t miss the important stuff.

The full Twitter experience – EarlyBird brings the full Twitter experience to your desktop including instant searches, search for people, what’s trending, who follows who – everything you would expect.


EarlyBird meets all international compliance requirements for trade floor communications by blocking Twitter’s direct messages, blocking outgoing tweets, and recording all incoming tweets. More details are available in the Guide for Compliance Professionals.


EarlyBird is a fully cloud-based service requiring no network changes or server installations, no firewall changes, and can be run in a browser or a light-weight desktop client. More details are available in the Guide for IT Professionals.

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