EarlyBird is fully compliant, read-only Twitter that’s safe and optimised for trading and research desks

Whether you’re a Trader, Researcher or Broker; EarlyBird can help you...

#Spot trading opportunities first

See and react to trading opportunities before they filter down to your competitors with EarlyBird’s powerful AI curation tools which show you the Tweets that matter.

#Gain real-time insight into what’s moving financial markets

Understand flows across asset classes and be in the position to notify your clients before they see or hear for themselves.

#Keep on top of breaking market-moving news and Tweets

Access the largest repository of financial and business news in the world, and see market-moving news and Tweets before they filter through your analytics package.

#Feel the market view, and see the areas of greatest volatility

Stay on top of the latest talking points for any market, currency, equity or topic of interest.

#Combine your favourite news feeds into a single source

Aggregate, save and share key financial news and communication, and get consensus from the wider financial community, in real time.

Compliance and IT teams also love EarlyBird. And here’s why...

#Fully compliant, fully safe

Solve the problem of regulated Twitter access for trading and research desks. EarlyBird is FCA and SEC compliant.

#IT friendly, easy to install

Requiring no installation or changes to existing servers or firewalls, EarlyBird is as simple to set up as it is to use.

We don’t just unlock Twitter… We make it work smarter with a nest of unique features...

#Tweet curation

EarlyBird’s SmartTrack searches cast a wider net than regular Twitter searches, bringing you the key stories and Tweets on the topics you’re following.

#Tweet translation

EarlyBird’s instant Tweet translation tools enable traders and researchers to understand and react quickly to Tweets from anywhere in the world.

#Screen saving

EarlyBird is designed to take as little space as possible on trading screens. Run it side by side with pricing and analytics packages, or as a discrete task-tray app.

#Enterprise search management

EarlyBird makes it easy for compliance and IT teams to add value for their traders. Easily clone accounts or share key Twitter accounts and searches with your teams.


  • #Unlock bank-compliant Twitter on your trading or research desk

  • #See market-moving news and Tweets first on Twitter

  • #Join major banks and hedge funds who already use the service

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